Season tickets and town centre worker permits


Parking permits allow you to pay for your parking in one of our multi-storey car parks (MSCPs) in Worthing in advance. 

As you enter and exit the car park your number plate will be recognised so there’s no need to use the ticket machine. 

If you use the car park regularly, a parking permit will save you money when compared with the cost of buying a ticket each time you park. 


Town centre worker permits:

If you work in the BN11 postcode area of Worthing you can apply for a town centre worker parking permit. These permits are free and allow you to pay no more than a fixed rate per day when you park in one of our MSCPs. In addition to the parking fee you will be charged an extra 20p for each parking session. 

You can also apply for one of these permits if you are staying in one of the hotels situated in The Steyne or Steyne Gardens. 



With Autobill you will be automatically charged each time you park in the car park, so there is no need to use the ticket machine. There will be an additional 20p charge per parking session. 


Season tickets:

Please see table below for a list of all available season tickets and permits, with prices.

The season ticket prices include the following administration charges:

Season tickets priced from £51 to £250 include an additional £2 plus 2.5%

Season tickets priced from £251 to £500 include an additional £2 plus 2%

Season tickets priced from £501 to £1000 include an additional £2 plus 1.5%

Season tickets priced over £1000 include an additional £2 plus 1%


A list of our available season tickets and permits are listed below.

Get a new season ticket or town centre workers permit

If you have a Worthing Ticketless Parking account please Login as applications for Parking permits can be made in the 'My Account' section. If you do not have an Account please register for an account.